• 14 mei 2018

    Viewing tower Twente Airbase opened

    Recently the viewing tower at the former military airbase of Twente was opened, designed by NOHNIK. The design of the viewing tower is based on the extraordinary history of the former military airbase. The location of the new tower is the same location where the old terminal building and control tower […]

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  • 10 april 2018

    Plan finished for Iceland’s Katla UNESCO Global Geopark

    Recently NOHNIK finished the Destination Management Plan for Katla UNESCO Global Geopark in Iceland. Katla Geopark is comparable in size with the Dutch provinces of Gelderland, Utrecht and Overijssel together. The geopark makes up 10% of the total Icelandic territory. It includes the famous volcanos of Eyjafjallajökull and Katla and the Seljalandsfoss […]

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  • 24 september 2017

    Master Plan Public Space Havelte breaks ground

    Recently construction works started for the renewal of the historical road ‘Eursingerkerkweg’ in the village of Havelte. The renewal is part of the Master Plan Public Space Havelte as developed by NOHNIK earlier this year. The Master Plan was commissioned by the municipality of Westerveld and the local community. The Eursingerkerkweg is […]

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  • 21 augustus 2017

    Lecture NOHNIK at the 1th European Geoparks Network conference, Azores

    From the 7th – 9th of September the 14th European Geoparks Network conference takes place at the Azores islands. NOHNIK is invited for a lecture during one of the daily sessions. During the lecture NOHNIK will share the experiences from destination management planning in Katla UNESCO Global Geopark in Iceland. Central theme of the […]

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  • 9 juli 2017

    Selected for Young Innovators 2017 programme Chief Government Architect

    Based on a pitch NOHNIK was selected for the talent programme Young Innovators by the Chief Government Architect / College of Government Advisors of the Netherlands. The Young Innovators programme selects talented designers and provides a research project in the field of spatial transition, energy transition, new landscapes and water management. […]

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  • 9 mei 2017

    Competition entry Care2Share selected for second round WHO CARES

    Yesterday, state secretary Van Rijn announced that NOHNIK, in collaboration with Tim Burmanje(Stad2) and Willem Bossers (BeweegStrateeg), has been selected as one of the winners of the first round of the competition ‘WHO CARES’. The competition focuses on new concepts of living and health-care in the Netherlands. Our entry Care2Share […]

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  • 10 maart 2017

    Selected for research on the Urban Landscape of South Holland

    The team of marco.broekman, Vereniging Deltametropool and NOHNIK architecture and landscapes has been selected out of four parties to develop a vision on the urban landscape and green-blue network of the Province of South Holland. With ongoing urbanization, challenges of climate change, health and stronger competitiveness of the region, the […]

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  • 2 februari 2017

    NOHNIK to develop large scale vision for UNESCO Katla Geopark, Iceland

    UNESCO Katla Geopark (Iceland) has chosen NOHNIK to develop a Destination Management Plan for the geopark’s territory. Katla Geopark is comparable in size with the Dutch provinces of Gelderland, Utrecht and Overijssel together. The geopark makes up 10% of the total Icelandic territory. It includes the famous volcanos of  Eyjafjallajökull and Katla. The […]

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  • 4 december 2016

    NOHNIK to design viewing tower on former airbase Twente

    NOHNIK architecture and landscapes won the commission to design a viewing tower on the former airbase Twente. The tower will be located in the southern part of the former military base. This area was transformed into a nature reserve, which is now open to the public. The design of the […]

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  • 2 december 2016

    Jorrit Noordhuizen nominated for the PK Award 2017

    NOHNIK’S Jorrit Noordhuizen has been nominated for the PK Award 2017. The PK Award recognizes young design talent in the Netherlands and provides the opportunity to pitch for a transformation assignment for the public space surrounding the monumental Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. The five candidates were selected by Bouwinvest in collaboration with […]

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  • 30 oktober 2016

    10/11/16 presentation ‘Destination Iceland’ in Reykjavik

    NOHNIK is invited by the Icelandic Association for architects and landscape architects as keynote speaker for the conference on sustainable tourism in Iceland, on November 10th in Reykjavik. NOHNIK will present their vision and methodology from the project ‘Destination Iceland’, with a focus on the Skaftárhreppur territory. The project was a collaboration with […]

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  • 15 augustus 2016

    Presentation sustainable leisure landscapes Iceland

    Last week we presented our strategy and vision for sustainable leisure landscapes in Iceland to members of the Icelandic Association for local Authorities, the Icelandic Tourism Taskforce, the Icelandic Tourism Board, the Ministry of Industries and Innovation, the University of Iceland, Unesco Katla Geopark, Vatnajökull National Park and several municipalities. […]

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  • 4 augustus 2016

    Dune carcass constructed on Vlieland island

    This weekend, Jorrit Noordhuizen (NOHNIK architecture and landscapes) and Inge Kersten built a ‘Dune Carcass’ on the beach at Vlieland. They’ll leave it there for 4 months to test whether their design can effectively build dunes. The carcass is designed to help develop dunes in an urban environment. The design was tested […]

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  • 2 juli 2016

    Zwanenhof Health Resort published in Cobouw

    Zwanenhof Health Resort published in Cobouw NOHNIK has designed the new Zwanenhof Health Resort building in collaboration with IAA Architects. The building accomodates 60 hotel rooms, a restaurant, a wellness with outdoor and indoor swimming pool, and a gym. In the design the architecture blends in with the landscape in […]

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