Recently construction works started for the renewal of the historical road ‘Eursingerkerkweg’ in the village of Havelte. The renewal is part of the Master Plan Public Space Havelte as developed by NOHNIK earlier this year. The Master Plan was commissioned by the municipality of Westerveld and the local community. The Eursingerkerkweg is part of a renewal of 5 kilometers of characteristic spatial roads and connections in total in the old village. With the renewal we aim for more spatial coherence by replacing pavement materials, restoring old planting structures and by implementing a new path system for pedestrians. Next to the renewal and restoration of these historical roads, several parks and squares in the village will be renewed. This starts with the Piet Soer square in spring 2018, also designed by NOHNIK. With the implementation of the plans Havelte will once again become an attractive village and destination for inhabitants, visitors and local entrepreneurs.