Last year NOHNIK created a Vision on the Spatial Quality of the highway network of the East of the Netherlands, on behalf of and in close collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat. Based on a rich tradition of integration and design of the highway landscape, the vision offers guidelines for preserving, strengthening and developing the spatial quality for a total of about 700 kilometers of road length. In doing so, it anticipates on the dynamics and challenges of the future. With an eye for the interests and perception of the road from its surroundings.

The vision includes a unique description of the designed highway landscape and the many ‘specials’ of integration and design in the East of the Netherlands. In addition, the vision offers generic handles for spatial quality at the scale level of the routes, trajectories, nodes and connections. These have been worked out in concrete terms for each road in the area in an action perspective per road. This serves as a guideline for the further development of landscape and integration plans for road widening for example, and as a dialogue piece in coordination between Rijkswaterstaat and surrounding parties.

More about the vision and more footage and drone photos can be found on the project page.