How can exploring the future lead to clever thinking in the present? A research by design study on the far future is both exciting and disruptive. NOHNIK had the honour to contribute to the Future Lab NL2100, commissioned by the Dutch Board of Government Advisors. 

The research included expert meetings and design studies on six network layers: energy & data (NOHNIK), water, flora & fauna (HNS), people, cargo & resources (Rademacher De Vries). The insights we gained were elaborated on in a three-day design studio in March. The focus in this atelier was on the future of the Netherlands by the year 2100. Based on the main principle ‘soil and water leading in occupation and networks’.

The results of the research and conceptual studies can be found on our project page (English summary) and on the website of the Future Lab NL2100 (Dutch only). 

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