Attendiz is building a new school with the support of Hengelo’s municipality. This school will educate students (140 to 170 in total) to become professionals in a specific sector within the Labour Market Targeted Learning Track of the secondary Special Education programme. The pupils attending this school have a high need for educational support. At this school they learn social and employee skills so that they become more self-reliant. This relates to the vision of the municipality of Hengelo regarding the social development of the community.

Copyright: NOHNIK architecture and landscapes

The new school is accessible and clearly visible from its surroundings. From the outside you can directly see the rooms for cooking and engineering classes. The school has a very clear floor plan. The patio with greenhouse on the first floor will become an outside classroom for the ‘plants and animals class’ and will provide daylight in the heart of the building. The spaces and facilities in the new school such as sports facilities, the work café and the outdoor playground will be available for use by the surrounding community as well. 

The school, which is scheduled to be inaugurated in the 2022/2023 school year, expresses what it has to offer on the inside. The shed-roofs are characteristic for the former Twente industry and form a recognisable reference to the craftsmanship that the school stands for. The new school will become a place where both pupils and teachers can learn and (co-)work and where there is opportunity for students and society to meet. 

The green roof, the patio and the wadis provide good water management and cooling. The building is gas-free and will be fitted with triple glazing, solar panels and a heat pump. The eaves will be designed in a way to create a mass winter shelter for bats. There will be a safe and comfortable traffic situation for both the students and the neighbourhood with a kiss & ride zone. Existing green will be preserved and reinforced as a natural buffer between the school and its surroundings.

Year: 2019-2020
Type: architecture, public space, nature-inclusive, education
Client: Attendiz
Size: ca. 2.600 m2 bvo
Status: preliminary design finished
Consortium: VDNDP
In collaboration with: SOM=, Schreuders Bouwtechniek, Alcedo en Dijkoraad