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This self-sufficient cabin is an innovative lodge, enhancing the experience of the landscape with low impact on nature.

Low impact, vibrant experience
Fundamental principle for the design of the cabin is reducing the volume of a standard lodge to reduce the impact on the landscape. The cabin has a tilted shape with a large window enhancing a spectacular vista on the natural surroundings. The shape of the cabin makes it a distinctive object in the landscape.

Self-sufficient an circularity
The cabin can be used in many different ways. The standard type basically only provides a comfortable sleeping accommodation. For other facilities (e.g. shower, toilet) visitors will have to use nearby facilities, for example on a camp site. The standard cabin can be expanded with a sanitary unit offering a shower and toilet. This unit uses locally harvested rain water for flushing the toilet. On the roof of the cabin solar panels are integrated making the cabin fully self-sufficient in its energy consumption. All materials needed for building the cabin are recyclable and made from locally produced wood. Thanks to this, the cabin contributes to circularity of its environment.

Year: 2017
Type: architecture