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“What happens at night? When the lights go down and the phone doesn’t ring anymore? When there are no appointments and the great silence begins?”. Starting with these thoughts Dutch sculptor Lotta Blokker made a series of sculptures named ‘The hour of the Wolf’. A series of nine life-sized bronze sculptures that express the feelings of insomniacs. The sculptures are currently exhibited together at different venues in Europe. This is rather unique as the sculptures aren’t exhibited as a complete series that often. Because of this, the ambition arose to search for opportunities for a more permanent exhibition possibility for the sculptures. NOHNIK developed an exhibition concept and pavilion for this.

The base for the concept is in the architectural interpretation of each of the nine sculptures. According to this, nine specific rooms and spaces are designed to support the expressions of the sculptures. The individual spaces are interconnected and built up a composition that forms a route through the ‘city at night’. It is a flexible concept that can be used both for an interior exhibition layout and a pavilion building. The design is minimalistic in its form and materials and aims to fully express the emotions of the sculptures.

Year: 2015
Type: architecture, interior design, art
Client: Sculptor Lotta Blokker
Status: preliminary design
Photography: Lotta Blokker