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At the site of the Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem (the Netherlands) a new Women’s and Children’s hospital will be build. Commissioned by Van Wijnen, Croonwolter & Dros and Rijnstate, NOHNIK designed the hospital in collaboration with VDNDP and ptg advies. The hospital is a collaboration of the departments polyclinic for children, polyclinic gynaecology, children’s clinic, day treatments for children, obstetrics and perinatology. Also a ‘knowledge center’ is included where the staff can meet and share their knowledge and experiences. For the new hospital, family oriented care, privacy and comfort are very important. The project includes building a new hospital at the southeastern part of the site and partial renovation of the adjacent existing building. The new building is designed as a clear, abstract volume which simultaneously encloses an existing sports hall.

Essential for the new hospital is the need for providing rooms and spaces that need daylight and a view, but at the same time require privacy. To cater for these demands, we designed a two-layered facade that provides both views and daylight and simultaneously avoids that sunscreens are always closed for privacy. The primary facade is a continuation of the existing, horizontal facade where windows can be placed wherever they are needed. The secondary, vertically oriented facade ensures privacy without obstructing the daylight. Depending on the desired degree of privacy the vertical lamellas of the secondary facade have different depths and spacing. Additionally, the lamellas help to control the temperature and climate inside the building during summer. The two-layered facade contributes to a high level of quality and the dynamic character of the building. 

In the design process the project team together with doctors, nurses and other stakeholders designed an optimal configuration of the hospital and its facilities within the specific spatial and financial conditions. During the meetings a virtual 3d model of the building helped to thoroughly discuss solutions and alternatives. Next to that, mockups of several treatment and nursing rooms were build on scale 1:1 to test the functionality and size of the rooms and to develop an optimal interior design. Within the design extra attention is paid to child friendly furniture and physical disabilities of patients and visitors. For example, desks are partly lowered, there are different playgrounds and lounges for children of all ages and there are extra changing rooms for babies. Making use of warm and friendly materials and colours contributes to the specific and distinctive identity of the hospital. 

Year: 2018-2019
Type: architecture
Client: Rijnstate hospital Arnhem
Size: ca. 8,000m2
Status: under construction
In collaboration with: VDNDP, 
Rijnstate hospital, ptg advies, Van Wijnen en Croonwolter&dros