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(Design IAA Architecten, project architect Wieteke Nijkrake)

The monumental estate of Oosterbroek in the village of Eelde has a long history in which the landscape with its characteristic vistas forms a the base for the buildings that were erected in the past decades. The typical rows of large trees with open spaces in between (green ‘chambers’) are of great value. The new building for the rehabilitation clinic was implemented in the area using these landscape characteristics as a primary condition.

The layout of the building is highly efficient and safe, and is guaranteed by views and long sight lines. However, an institutional expression of the building has been avoided by implementing a domestic atmosphere in the building with individual apartments and collective living spaces. Part of the rehabilitation of the clients is for example facilitating activities such as cooking, sports and relaxation – just like the clients would do at home. The spaces and rooms within the building are designed for these purposes, by for example offering a sports hall, kitchens and living rooms. The compact layout of the building and the transparancy of the architecture form the base of a sustainable and user-friendly building which is prepared for the future.

Year: 2015
Type: architecture, interior desing
Client: Verslavingszorg Noord Nederland
Size:  5300 m2
Status: built