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East form the city of Groningen a new city district is being developed, called Meerstad. It is a water-oriented district of approximately 2500 hectares with eventually around 6.500 new houses. The new lake Woldmeer forms the heart of the district with different residential areas around it. In 2016 the ‘Tersluis’ area was developed including several islands and peninsulas with houses. For the client Dura Vermeer, NOHNIK designed 19 villas on two of the peninsulas. As a base for the design of the houses, an urban layout was design in which each building is guaranteed an optimal view and orientation towards the lake.

In the design both freestanding and semi-detached building types are included. All houses have a flexible floor plan with many options for the future buyers. For example the position of the staircase can be determined by the future owners so a traditional floor plan or a more modern loft-type can be constructed. Based on the principle of flexibility a clear design for the facades was made. This is built up from a geometrical framework in which open and closed parts evolve.

Year: 2016
Type: residential
Client: DuraVermeer Hengelo