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Kúðafljót glacial river forms the western border of the large moss-covered Skaftáreldahraun lava field. Here, highway no. 1 crosses the river via a long bridge. This particular spot is currently not designated as a point of interest or tourist attraction, however, it could potentially be an important site as it is the location where visitors get there first impression of the Skaftárhreppur landscape. Given that most visitors enter the area from the west (the capital area), this site could be well positioned to provide visitors with appropriate information about exploring the sensitive landscape during their visit. From this perspective, the site has the potential to function as the main gateway to Skaftárhreppur.

By incorporating the directions of these vistas into the design of the stairway, an edged and dynamic silhouette arises, constantly changing according to the position from which it is being viewed. Due to the height differences and small hills in the lava field the visual impact of the stairway on the landscape will be minimal. The construction simply disappears from view, when passing by car.

Year: 2016
Type: architecture, landscape
Client: Skaftárhreppur municipality
Status: preliminary design
Supported by Dutch Creative Industries Fund