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On the island of Vlieland a new neighbourhood will be built focusing on health care and public facilities. This new neighbourhood forms a central anchor point within the only village on the island and its community. The basic structure for the design is determined by reconnecting the building plot to its surroundings. At the northern side the new building forms an infill development at the existing street, while at the southern side a public green square is introduced to connect the building plot with the heart of the village. In addition to this a public pedestrian route is introduced through the heart of the building plot to emphasise the public character of the space. The building plot is situated on the old dunes of the islands and therefore has an interesting topography. These height differences are used to determine different zones within the plan. By using the dune morphology cleverly distinction can be made between public and private spaces. In this the central green square forms an important central point.

Within the new neighbourhood different houses are implemented with clear front and back sides. This ensures an attractive view on the surrounding landscape. Both on the front side and back side of each house it is possible to create a private outdoor space integrated in the architecture of the building. The smallest house type has a width of 6 metres with the option to implement one or two bedrooms. If one prefers just one bedroom the opportunity arises to create a living room with a full width of 6 metres. Each house can be expanded with grid sizes of 1.2 metres. This provides flexibility and the opportunity to offer different types of houses within each building blocks.

In future it is even possible to connect individual houses, both horizontally and vertically. This creates opportunities for health care at home and makes it possible for people to stay in their house even if they need health care on a daily basis.

Next to offering different types of houses several public facilities are integrated in the plan. This includes a community centre, restaurant, and spaces for physiotherapists, a hairdresser or GP. These facilities are located at the new central green square, in the heart of the village.

Year: 2018
Type: architecture, landscape, public space
Client: municipality of Vlieland
Size: 44 houses and public facilities
Status: competition design