(Design: IAA Stedenbouw en landschap, project architect  Jorrit Noordhuizen)

The municipality of Borne currently works on a complete make over of the public space in the centre of the old village. Several streets and squares are transformed into welcoming gathering places. Within this project a design was made for the two main roads in the centre (Grotestraat and Stationsstraat) and the new church square. In the old situation the streets were mainly designed for traffic purpuses and outdoor furniture was outdated or damaged.
The two streets and square were transformed into a green and welcoming public space on three scale levels. The interventions are focused on the profiles of the street, accents in the public space and the square.

Within the base profile of the streets the space is enlarged on specific spots in which trees and specially designed furniture form accents in the public space. At the same time the furniture guides the motorised traffic in an informal way through the streets that is functioning more like a shared space. The space near the church is transformed from a traffic junction into a square and forms a ‘pedestal’ for the monumental church.

Year: 2011
Type: public space, furniture design
Client: municipality of Borne
Sizes: 120 hectares
Status: built