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Living long, healthy and happy in your homely environment sounds obvious. But for many elderly and frail people it is not. The many different policies on health care cause a complex and incomprehensible situation for these people and lead to stress and a sense of insecurity. Care2Share is an innovative concept for dwelling, health care and resilient cities, starting from the perspective of the individual. How comfortable would it be when one could be offered an accessible house, public space, and social services in one’s homely environment? Without the anxiety of how everything is organized for you? From this primary necessity, the concept of Care2Share was developed: a life long subscription to a good quality of life. This concept was elaborated further on for the specific conditions of the Oosterparkwijk district in the city of Groningen.

The vision aims to introduce improvements on the scale level of the individual house, the neigborhood and the city district. It includes renovation of existing houses to improve the accessibility of the buildings. Next to that public facilities are incorporated in the neighborhood such as a ‘house of craftmanship’ and several hobby workshops. As well the public space got improved by introducing a connective tissue of pedestrian routes and by re-activating green voids by transforming them into sports gardens and public kitchen gardens. The concept is explained further on (Dutch only):

Year: 2017
Type: concept development, health care, architecture, landscape, public space
Size: 120 hectares, 6.700 dwellings
Client: competition ‘WhoCares’, Rijksbouwmeester / city of Groningen
Status: winner, out of 174 entries
NOHNIK in collaboration with HHM, Stadkwadraat en BeweegStrateeg