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The ‘Bosrijk’ urban development in the city of Eindhoven is characterised by a lush green landscape. Rows of large trees, remarkable clumps of monumental trees and a park atmosphere are the ingredients for a unique residential environment. They form the base for two apartment buildings that were designed by NOHNIK. Basic principle for the architecture is to provide each new apartment with an experience of these landscape values. To be able to let the landscape still dominate the area, the new apartment buildings were made as compact as possible. The two circular shaped buildings limit the impact on the existing landscape and provide a unique experience of the environment at the same time. The inside of the volumes is opened and provides space for a collective courtyard garden. Underneath this garden the parking facility is made.

copyright NOHNIK architecture and landscapes
copyright NOHNIK architecture and landscapes

The circular shape of the buildings is built up from different segments. Within these segments the apartments are designed. The segments open up towards the outside facade of the building to emphasise the view on the landscape. Within the segments variety and diversity evolves by adding different extras to the apartments and their facades, such as porches, balconies or winter gardens. Next to that it is possible to offer flexibility in the width and size of the apartments. Due to this flexibility a varied and distinctive facade evolves.

copyright NOHNIK architecture and landscapes

Year: 2018
Type: architecture, public space
Client: municipality of Eindhoven
In collaboration with: Wijkerzand Projecten en Mensenborgh Projecten
Status: competition design