Jorrit Noordhuizen presents vision on the future landscape of Flevoland, 25th June 2018

On June the 25th the province of Flevoland hosts a conference about the ‘Story of the province of Flevoland’. Jorrit Noordhuizen (and as well Adriaan Geuze and Luuk Boelens) will present his vision on the future landscape of Flevoland. Invited by the province Jorrit wrote an essay with the title ‘Drawing a new synthesis – transitions and spatial quality in tomorrow’s Flevoland landscape’. The essay focuses on a description of the distinctive spatial qualities of the province accompanied by a vision on how to preserve and develop these qualities in future when dealing with major transitions such as urbanisation, new mobility and energy transition. In the essay the need for a renewed regional landscape plan is underpinned, functioning as a guideline for growth and change in the landscape. A methodology for governmental institutions, inhabitants and entrepreneurs to motivate them to actively design and draw the landscape on a regional scale level instead of solely talking about the landscape.

Date: Monday 25th June 2018
Time: 13.30 – 17.00 h
Location: house of the province, Visarenddreef 1, 8232 PH city of Lelystad