Last week we presented our strategy and vision for sustainable leisure landscapes in Iceland to members of the Icelandic Association for local Authorities, the Icelandic Tourism Taskforce, the Icelandic Tourism Board, the Ministry of Industries and Innovation, the University of Iceland, Unesco Katla Geopark, Vatnajökull National Park and several municipalities. We received enthusiastic reactions on the methodology and strategy for the Skaftárhreppur region, which seems to be applicable for many other regions in Iceland as well.

Visiting the research area through all seasons has been a very special experience. On our website we published some of the stunning footage we shot with our drone.

In the project we collaborated with the University of Iceland. Unesco Katla Geopark, Vatnajökull National Park the municipality of Skaftárhreppur. We studied possible strategies for better tourism management and landscape preservation in the area. The plan for the Skaftárhreppur region consist of a vision with a zoning plan and several site-specific architectural designs including viewing platforms, routing and lodging cabins.

By the end of the month the project will be formally finished. The results will be published on our website: (please check out the updated english section of our website!)

The project is supported by the Dutch Creative Industries Fund.

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