NOHNIK and VDNDP have completed the preliminary design for the new school building with gymnasium and outdoor space. The school trains students (140 to 170) craftsmanship in a specific industry within the ‘Practice oriented learning path’ of Special Higher Education. The school, which is scheduled to be used in the school year of 2022/2023, radiates what it has to offer on the inside. The new school will be a place where students and teachers learn and work (together) and where there is space for school and society to meet. During the design process NOHNIK is the architect responsible for the design and VDNDP will be responsible for the detailed design and management. Project and construction management is being done by SOM=. In addition, there is collaboration with Schreuders Bouwtechniek (construction), Alcedo (acoustics and fire) and Dijkoraad (technical installations).

Curious about what the school will look like? Watch the video for an impression of the new building: