Greener, more varied and welcoming. At the beginning of this summer the reconstructed Piet Soer square in the village of Havelte was opened after the construction works for the complete makeover were finally finished. With this new square, the village gets a true heart which provides an attractive space for recreation, gathering and events. NOHNIK made the design in collaboration with the inhabitants of the village and the municipality of Westerveld.

The essence of the design is based on a lush and gently sloping green landscape with natural planting and 50 new trees. A sitting edge of nature stone divides the space into different atmospheres. Near the shops a high diversity of perennials is found, providing different colours and experiences throughout the seasons. Within the pavement of the square a line is ‘carved’, with a specific historical meaning. The line represents the remarkable flight that Piet Soer made back in 1933 to the former Dutch colony Indonesia.

A well thought-through design with special attention paid to biodiversity, climate and a careful selection of materials and detailing made sure that the square became the heart of the village again and a significant destination. Both for the inhabitants and visitors. In the coming years the perennials and trees will grow and flourish and the square will slightly evolve into its full identity

More pictures and explanation could be found on the project page

Design: NOHNIK architecture and landscapes.

Technical design and guidance: NOHNIK in collaboration with Citeg.

In collaboratie with: inhabitants of Havelte and experts of the municipality of Westerveld.

Photography: Nadine van den Berg (except for the aerial picture)