UNESCO Katla Geopark (Iceland) has chosen NOHNIK to develop a Destination Management Plan for the geopark’s territory. Katla Geopark is comparable in size with the Dutch provinces of Gelderland, Utrecht and Overijssel together. The geopark makes up 10% of the total Icelandic territory. It includes the famous volcanos of  Eyjafjallajökull and Katla. The city Vík, known for its black beaches, is one of the most important urban centres in the geopark.

The Destination Management Plan is a regional masterplan that presents a long term strategy for sustainable tourism in the area. In this masterplan, the aim is to search for a renewed balance between nature and landscape conservation on the one hand and improving the visitor’s experience on the other hand. A better preservation of the landscape ensures long-term economic profit for tourism industries in Iceland and keeps the landscape attractive for its inhabitants as well.

In the project we focus on the spatial quality of the different destinations and attractions in the area, the different routing networks and a strategic streamlining of the flow of visitors through the area. This also includes architectonic designs of the different attraction sites.

The project is a collaboration with the different municipalities in the area, inhabitants and commercial parties. Last year NOHNIK also developed a similar plan for the Skaftárhreppur region in Iceland (see projectpage), the University of Iceland and multiple local stakeholders. The results of that project were presented at a seminar in Reykjavik last November and will also be presented at the Design Week in Reykjavik 23 -26 March.