NOHNIK architecture and landscapes won the commission to design a viewing tower on the former airbase Twente. The tower will be located in the southern part of the former military base. This area was transformed into a nature reserve, which is now open to the public.

The design of the viewing tower is based on the extraordinary history of the former military airbase. The location of the new tower is the same location where the old terminal building and control tower were located. The new tower itself is designed as a serpentine-like cylinder in which the open parts are related to the different (eye)heights of characteristic objects in the area. As one goes up the stairs the eye-height of an F-16 pilot can be experienced as well as the height of several old bunkers, hangars and shelters. By this, the tower is not solely a route from A to B, but functions as a ‘narrative wayfinding’. The tower is designed as an abstract object in the open field, in accordance with the existing military buildings.

The tower is to be build in Q2 2017. Next that, NOHNIK is working on the development of the  Technology Base on the northern part of the former airbase, which is to be transformed into a high-tech international research-, development and innovation campus.

Earlier this year, NOHNIK designed several viewing platforms and a tower for the Skaftárhreppur region in Iceland. These designs were part of a holistic vision for sustainable tourism in Iceland.