Commissioned by the  O-team (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) and the municipality of Sluis, NOHNIK has carried out a design study on a profile for ‘Health village Oostburg’. The Zeelandic city has more than 4.600 inhabitants and, in addition to ageing, is also experiencing shrinkage. This means that the quality of life in the core and the regional level of facilities are under pressure. Based on three spatial approaches, we have mapped out the opportunities and challenges for the health village at various scale levels. Within the theme ‘The vital core’ we investigated which housing typologies are promising to allow the ageing population to stay at home longer and healthy, and which housing typologies are attractive to new residents. In the theme “Ringpark Oostburg” we have visualised how the city can become more intertwined with the surrounding area and what opportunities there are for energy, food production, exercise and health. In the last theme “Network City” we have investigated the role of good physical and social networks in the region to support the health village. See the  projectpage for more information and images.

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In the project, parallel research was conducted into other challenges in Oostburg by DAT Architects and IDBB. The O-team has created an integral advice of all the outcomes, which has been offered to the municipality.