Contemporary historical experience, surrounded by nature

With the redesign of the Nijenborgh Castle Park, the city of Weert has regained an accessible, lively and green heart. A place where the experience of physical and immaterial history, archeology and heritage education are given a well-deserved prominent place. Integrated with a climate proof design and an impuls for biodiversity. A place to relax and play, exercise and learn. For young and old, for residents and tourists, for plants and animals. Check the movie below for a fly-through.

NOHNIK designed the 3 hectares large park. With new paths, a rich and diverse green structure and subtle references to the old castle. The park is situated at the site where the noble Van Horne family built the castle ‘De Nijenborgh’ in the middle of the fifteenth century. The historical system of castle-forecourt-fields is made visible in the design. The forecourt has a geometrical layout with an arched hedge surrounding the space. The fields have a more informal character with lush sunny lawns, clumps of trees and natural embankments at the castle’s moat. Three new bridges, designed by NOHNIK as well, connect the park to the city centre.

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