In 2019, the Drenthe municipality of Westerveld has established a Housing Vision with targets up to 2025. Developments in residential building are now moving so fast that the expected building task will increase. The developments therefore require a longer perspective, until 2030-2040.
In order to contribute to this perspective, NOHNIK is carrying out the design research Krasse Kernen – recipes for innovative living environments in the Westerveld of the future on behalf of and together with the municipality of Westerveld. This research is not based on numbers as a problem. But the strengthening of the area, the qualities and the local communities have been taken as the starting point. The research creates a broad picture of the future for valuable residential environments.
The design research is subsidised by the Dutch Creative Industries Fund, within the “Voucherregeling Ruimtelijk Ontwerp – vitale dorpen en steden”. The results are expected to be presented before the end of this year.

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