Last Friday, construction has started for the new school building of VSO Attendiz school for special education in the city of Hengelo. This school will educate students (140 to 170 in total) to become professionals in a specific sector within the Labour Market Targeted Learning Track of the secondary Special Education programme. The spaces and facilities in the new school such as sports facilities, the work café and the outdoor playground will be available for use by the surrounding community as well. 

The building is scheduled to be openend at the start of the 2022/2023 school year. The project is a collaboration between NOHNIK (aesthetic architect), VDNDP (architectural engineering), SOM= (project management), Schreuders Bouwtechniek (technical engineering), Alcedo (acoustic engineering), Dijkoraad (technical installations). The building will be constructed by Rotsbouw and Alferink.

Want to learn more about the project? Visit the projectpage with video.