The Board of Government Advisors selected NOHNIK for a research by design project on landscape inclusive agriculture. The Board of Government Advisors is an independent advisory board which advises the cabinet on spatial quality, upon request or at its own initiative. The Board advises on the urgent themes of today: from transformation, infrastructure and the complete city to new cultural landscapes and energy transition. In the coming months we will investigate how a ‘New Deal’ could be arranged between agriculture and society. This New Deal aims to provide a better income for farmers, better air and water quality, more biodiversity and a more attractive landscape. NOHNIK investigates the opportunity for this New Deal for the agricultural region of Salland in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The final results are expected to be published in April 2020. The research is one of the outcomes of the ‘Panorama for the Netherlands’ vision that was presented by the board earlier this year. In the project we will collaborate with the board, the Louis Bolk Institute and the Landscape Research Centre of the University of Groningen as well as with many local stakeholders.