Working on the horizon

NOHNIK is a design agency for landscape architecture. We are motivated by the intrinsic qualities of a place, its users and inhabitants. This provides realistic tailor made solutions on multiple scale levels. In our projects, a sustainable approach forms the base for every successful result. We aim to develop plans that do not only contribute to a sustainable human habitat, but also foster a energy neutral operation of places and social connectedness.

From sketch to construction

We work on all phases of the design and building process, in an integral process with contractors and technical advisors. In this process we use different methods to visualise the design for all stakeholders. For example with 3D visuals, clear maps and plans and models. During and after the building process we are involved to guarantee the aesthetical quality of the design and to make sure the shared ambitions become reality.

Research by design

Our ability to visualise our designs in an understandable and attractive way helps to stimulate fruitful discussions and making clever choices in spatial projects. We use a research by design method as a way to explore new insights and possible futures. This guarantees surprising and new ideas for complex spatial challenges.

Regional strategies

Large scale transitions such as demographic changes, energy transition, urbanisation and growth in tourism will have a huge impact on our environment. In order to ensure the spatial qualities and coherence of our valuable environment we develop regional spatial strategies. These strategies form guidelines to incorporate future transitions in the existing landscape. It stimulates us to keep designing on the regional scale level and connect regional stakeholders with each other.

Participative processes

We initiate transformations and facilitate open-source participative planning and design processes. Together with multiple stakeholders we evoke a new energy, driven by our engagement with people and places.

Our clients

Awards and nominations

Competition fire watch tower Kalmthout Nature Reserve Belgium, winner, 2019
Competition high school for special education VSO Attendiz Hengelo, winner. 2019
CRA Young Innovators, 2017
Young Architects Award, nomination, 2017
PK Award, nomination, 2017
Veluwe beste natuurgebied van Nederland (bidbook NOHNIK), winner, 2016
ASN Bank World Prize, top 5 theme sustainability, nature and environment, 2015
Competition viewing tower ADT, winner 2016
Competition Kees Valkenstein Primary School, shortlist 2016
Competition upgrade appartement building Op de Wal, winner 2015
Competition Zwanenhof Health Resort, winner 2015
Sustainable Tuesday, 2016, selected
Ruimte voor Ruimdenkers, honourable mention HBS Kampen, 2015
Visitor Center UNSECO Kinderdijk, runner-up, 2014
Transformation Tivoli, winner, 2014
Archiprix, winner, 2012
IFLA International Zvi Miller Prize, 2011

Teaching, presentations and lectures

90 Jahre Landschaftsarchitektur Technische Universiteit Berlin, lecture
Future living, University of Twente, lecture
Minor Urban Regeneration Hanzehogeschool Groningen, guest lecture 
Academie van Bouwkunst Hanzehogeschool Groningen, guest teacher
Conference Nederland veranderd/t, workshop
BNA Oosting, lecture
Architectuurcafé Who Cares, presentation
Congres Expeditie Begonia, presentation
European Geoparks Network Conference, Azoren, lecture
Artez Academie van Bouwkunst Arnhem, guest teacher
Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam, guest teacher
Wageningen Universiteit, guest teacher
Artez Honours Programme, lecture
Heel het Renkums beekdal, presentation
Tourism 360, Reykjavik IJsland, lecture
IABR Rotterdam, presentation
Pecha Kucha T-Mobile, presentation
De Adaptieve Dijk, presentation
Masterclass Creatief Ondernemerschap Architectuur lokaal, presentation
B-talks Dopper, presentation
Sail 2015 Amsterdam, presentation
Ruimte voor Ruimdenkers, presentation
Student voor Morgen, presentation
BEP entrepreneurship, presentation


Dutch Design Week 2019, workshop
Event sustainable buildings The Hague, exhibition
Dutch Design Week 2017, exhibition
Landscape Triennial 2017, exhibition and publication
TAB Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2017
Design March 2017 Reykjavik Iceland, exhibition
Dune Carcass Vlieland Island, 2016, installation
Innovation Expo, 2016, Amsterdam


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