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The coastal lagoon landscape of Lake Pape is highly dynamic. Influenced by tides, wind and seasons its appearance is constantly changing. The dynamics of Lake Pape can be best experienced by crossing the gradient from land to water. Starting at the Willow and Alder trees on the higher parts, through the vast reed lands, and towards the water of Lake Pape you are able to experience all ecological habitats with different bird species and bird behaviour. An ordinary, vertical, watch tower would dramatically disturb the flat landscape of the water front and would not cover the experience of the landscape gradient. Next to that an open boardwalk connected to such vertical tower would lead to a disturbance of the animal species because of noise and visual presence of people on the boardwalk. In the end this would also affect the experience of the visitors in the area. As a response to this observation, we developed a horizontal watch tower which adapts to the dynamic waterfront, is camouflaging people, but at the same time offers a vibrant and continuously changing view on the whole Lake Pape landscape.  

To not only see, but also feel the dynamics of the landscape, the landscraper doesn’t have a permanent shape. It is built up from six segments which are connected by hinges. As a camouflaged sculpture the landscraper is anchored in the reed land. But when entering Lake Pape, it floats on the water. Orchestrated by the ever-changing dynamics of water and wind the landscraper is constantly but slowly changing its shape, offering a different perspective on the landscape every day. Through its segmented construction, the sculpture does not only offer large viewing platforms at the far end of the structure, but also offers a series of intermediate views to different directions located at the hinge points between the segments. The size and width of these intermediate views can change on a daily base, within a range from a 0˚ to 45˚ angle. This series of views to the landscape functions as a narrative wayfinding through the landscape and offers vibrant experience of Lake Pape. Sensitive to the environment but at the same time being a landmark on its own.

Year: 2017
Type: architecture, landscape, leisure
Client: WWF Latvia / Beebreeders
Size: 50m sculpture
Status: competition entry